The perfume is an aroma that defines you, and LISBYLIS will make you feel powerful, sensual, extremely attractive and desired, it is a perfume with a lot of identity and a lot of presence.
How do you define LISBYLIS ?
LISBYLIS is an aroma that awakens the instant curiosity of those who smell you. It is a scent that makes its presence felt. It is a unique and irresistible aroma that arouses the curiosity of all those who cross your path, it is a scent that makes you feel safe and capable of achieving success in everything you set out to do. It has floral, fruity notes, it is woody and fresh.
It is a perfume that blows your mind, its notes are scattered in the air as you walk and it leaves a very sensual and personalized aphrodisiac trail. It is a perfume that steals the attention of everyone who is nearby. It is a deep, different and unique olfactory experience.