Lisbylis the “Aromatic Candle”


From today you can feel the scent of lisbylis in a candle. It is perfect for lighting up your spaces and embellishing every corner of the home with an elegant and sophisticated touch.
Hand-woven with 100% organic biodegradable soy wax and cotton wick. Our candle will burn approximately 50 hours

Note: Burn time will depend on candle care.

Ingredients: Green Apple, Moroccan Jasmine, Lilac, Gardenia, Indian Sandalwood, Raspberry and Amber.

Precautions: Keep the candles away from the reach of children and animals. Avoid touching a lit candle, especially while the wax is hot and liquid. Extinguish the candle before it burns to the end. Avoid foreign bodies such as matches or pieces of wick in the melted wax.

Do not use water to extinguish the candle because it can cause splashes, in addition, due to thermal contrast, the container could break.


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